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"The Healing Codes is truly a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery!"
- Dr. Steve Robertson, D.C.

A True Story:

In 2002, Dr Ben Johnson, MD, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), a progressive neuromuscular disease that weakens and eventually destroys motor neurons, leaving it's sufferers unable to walk and talk. The disease is normally 80% fatal within five years and 100% fatal within ten years. There is no known cure.

Shortly after his diagnosis, Dr Johnson attended a seminar where he heard Dr. Alex Loyd speak about his new work – The Healing Codes, and began to investigate the science and philosophy behind Dr. Loyd’s discovery. Satisfied that the theory behind the method made logical and scientific sense, Dr. Johnson tried using The Healing Codes for himself.

After only three months of practicing The Healing Codes, he returned to the surgeon who first diagnosed his disease. He ran the test for Lou Gehrig’s Disease / ALS and found it to be 100% gone! Dr Johnson has been symptom-free for two and a half years now.

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What Could The Healing Codes Do For You?

The Healing Codes have been used by thousands of people all over the world to heal all kinds of physical and emotional problems, including leukemia, depression, anxiety, weight loss, allergies, chronic fatigue, severe stress, insomnia, melanoma and phobias. To hear some of their stories, click here.

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