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PDR for Nutritional Supplements
Sheldon Saul Hendler

Now healthcare professionals, or anybody who uses supplements, can have the facts at their fingertips with The PDR for Nutritional Supplements, the first comprehensive, unbiased source of solid, evidence-based information covering a full range of nutritional and dietary supplements. And in addition, a clinical research summary synthesizes all the published findings on each supplement.
The PDR For Nutritional Supplements provides the most current and reliable information to help in making more educated choices. This comprehensive volume will also help educate the consumer as to whether the many claims being made about hundreds of supplements are true, require more research, or are unsubstantiated.

"The PDR for Nutritional Supplements is the most well organized and substantive publication that I have ever used in over twenty years as a supplement consumer and one of the best literary purchases that I have ever made. While other publications may purport to be "encyclopedic," they fall short of the mark in paying attention to detail. Dr. Hendler's PDR for Nutritional Supplements is a critical and necessary resource for anyone using nutritional supplements, functional foods and or herbs. The knowledge imparted here will allow you to take control of your life as it relates to health care and maintenance." - Carlos C. Campbell


The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs
Reader's Digest

The definitive guide to prevention, treatment, and cure using nutritional supplements. A comprehensive introduction and an A-to-Z directory of over 90 ailments and more than 80 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This fully illustrated guide is well-organized and easy-to-use.


Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Food Supplements
Phyllis Balch, James Balch

For more than ten years, people interested in alternative healing and preventive therapies have relied upon this invaluable reference as a guide to improve health through nutrition and supplementation. Now, completely updated and over one-third revised, this third edition of Prescription for Nutritional Healing incorporates the latest information on nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and their health-promoting effects on hundreds of disorders and diseases.
This book's unique format and accessible style are instantly recognizable. Part One lists and explains the various types of nutrients, natural food supplements, and herbs found in health-food and drugstores; Part Two describes more than 250 common disorders, from acne to yeast infection, arranged conveniently in alphabetical order, and names the supplements that can be used to combat the conditions; Part Three is a guide to alternative remedies and therapies that can be used in conjunction with a nutritional program. In addition, self-diagnostic tests throughout the book offer in-depth coverage of a wide variety of topics.
Updates to this third edition include:
Discussions of newer supplements, including SAMe, MSM, pregnenolone, red yeast rice, inositol hexaphosphate (IP6), colostrum, and emu oil.
Latest research on lesser-known herbal remedies such as cat's claw, saw palmetto, black cohosh, hyssop, boneset, eyebright, squawvine, and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs.
New information and theories on cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and a host of other chronic diseases currently receiving increased attention from doctors and researchers.
Whether readers are looking for relief from a particular ailment or simply wish to maintain optimum health, this book quickly and easily provides an abundance of information to design a complete nutritional program. The one book that instantly creates a complete health section, Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the standard to which all other books in the category are held.


Real Vitamin and Mineral Book: A Definitive Guide to Designing Your Personal Supplement Program
Shari Lieberman

Originally published in 1997, The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book was one of the first of its kind in the health market. In this new and expanded edition, Dr. Shari Lieberman and Nancy Bruning describe how anyone can design a personalized core supplement program of essential vitamins and minerals.
While implementing the latest research, the authors expertly cut through the confusing fads and hype surrounding exotic (and less essential) nutrients to help people decide which vitamins and minerals are necessary in their diets, and the appropriate dosage. Lieberman and Bruning show how the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can strengthen the immune system, fight illness, slow aging, and maximize health. Included in the book are sample worksheets and supplement checklists to assist readers in incorporating these important, healthful supplements into their busy lifestyles.


The Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements)
Tova Navarra

Written by two experts in the field, this layperson's guide to the nutritional options and substances that improve health helps readers make informed decisions about maintaining and strengthening their bodies.
Organized in an A-to-Z format, more than 500 extensively cross-referenced entries profile:
What vitamins, minerals, and supplements are and how they work in the body Myths and quackery surrounding some of the substances Nutritional analyses of diet, body-building, and special supplements Vitamins as a treatment for physical and mental disease and disorders Pioneers in the field and their theories of nutrition, and much more.
Various charts, tables, and appendixes highlight:
The latest and most complete information on FDA operations and regulations The composition of the new food label Illnesses and injuries associated with the use of selected dietary supplements The interaction between certain drugs and nutrients.


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