About Natural Health NZ

At Natural Health NZ we aim to be New Zealand's most comprehensive resource for both the wider community seeking healthy alternatives, and for providers of natural health services and products.

For the wider community we offer information and resources to help you make informed choices about your health, wellbeing and personal development. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the need to take a proactive role in their own healing, and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle using natural, non-invasive therapies. This trend coincides with a growing number of healing modalities available to choose from. Natural Health NZ is committed to providing accurate, unbiased information to help you make the best choice for you, and to put you in touch with a practitioner in your area who can help you reach and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

For natural health practitioners and personal development specialists we offer services to help you grow your business by taking advantage of the increasing number of people using the internet to search for health related services. Our Directory is designed to help your potential clients find you, and provides the opportunity for you to inform the wider community about the benefits of your particular practice.

For suppliers of natural health products we provide a highly targeted audience for you to showcase your high quality products in our Natural Health and Beauty Product Directory.

Natural Health NZ is dedicated to promoting awareness among the wider community of the benefits of natural therapies, and of maintaining a healthy lifestyle using natural products.

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