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Natural Health NZ is dedicated to providing information about natural therapies, practitioners and health products. Our aim is to promote awareness of the benefits of natural health care and personal development, and to help you make informed, healthy choices. 

More Natural Energy SupplementMore Natural Energy
More Natural Energy is an all natural supplement clinically proven to provide a huge boost to your energy levels as well as improve brain function. It is doctor formulated, medically endorsed and has more than 1078 published studies demonstrating its effectiveness. It is reported to be very beneficial for those suffering with adrenal fatigue, or for anybody who finds it difficult waking up in the mornings. It is also great for fighting both mental and physical fatigue and provides better mental clarity and performance. More Natural Energy does not contain caffeine, stimulants or sugar and doesn't cause jitters, nervousness, or energy crashes. It's 100% natural and safe, and unlike other natural stimulant products or caffeine, it is not addictive.
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Miessence Certified Organic Products
The world's first CERTIFIED ORGANIC Skin, Hair, Body, Oral and Health Care Products and Organic Cosmetics. Caring for you, your family and the planet.

  • Organic Superfoods and probiotics for vitality and well being
  • Luxurious certified organic skin and body care
  • Hair care and Oral care with no nasty chemicals
  • Natural, biodegradable home and cleaning products
  • Fresh, natural cometics with no synthetics
  • Earn rewards for every purchase.

Wrap yourself in nature with Miessence organics.


If you have never used complementary and alternative therapies (natural therapies) and are not sure where to start, these fact sheets provide general information and advice:

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?
Some Differences Between Conventional Medicine and CAM
How to Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine
How to Choose a Practitioner
Precautions to Take When Using Complementary and Alternative Therapies

A selection of books on the following topics:
Natural Healing and Home Remedies
Energy Medicine
Healthy Eating and Nutritional Information
Healthy Eating Cookbooks
Raw Food
Guides to Nutritional Supplements

See separate entries for natural therapies for a selection of books relevant to each therapy.